About Us

Our Fire Station’s Humble Beginnings and Current Operations

The Elfrida Fire District provides fire/EMS/Rescue emergency response. Our district runs approximately 14.5 miles north to south and 10 miles east to west at the widest point. Within this service area is a wide range of land uses, including, but not limited to, residences, schools, rural open lands, farms, and ranches.

Elfrida is a small, unincorporated community in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Arizona in Cochise County. Elfrida is located on U.S. Route 191, approximately 26 miles (39 km) north of the Mexico border.

We are a public safety fire district supported by taxes levied on property owners within the district at a current mill rate of $3.25/$100 property value.

We hold CON 17, Certificate of Necessity, issued by the Arizona Department of Health Services, authorizing the Elfrida Fire District the ability to provide ground ALS and BLS ambulance services for the transportation of individuals who are sick, injured, wounded, or otherwise incapacitated or helpless.

Communities not within the Elfrida Fire District but within our CON include McNeal, Double Adobe, Gleeson, Courtland, Rucker Lake area, and Leslie Canyon area.

We operate from one station located at 10293 N Central Hwy. Our fleet consists of 2 ALS ambulances, 1 rescue engine, 1 engine, 2 tenders, 2 brush truck, 1 command vehicle, and 1 support truck.

We are currently comprised of 17 personnel—4 career, 8 part-time/reserve, and 5 seasonal employees.


“Appreciation and remembrance are two vital tools that can advance our progress in life.”
― Wisdom Kwashie Mensah

The Elfrida Fire District was formed in 1975 by the Lions Club. The first fire chief was Dale Hedges. Originally, there was no station to house the fire trucks, a pumper, and a tender. The firefighters would drive the trucks home, or they would convince the local farmers to let them house the trucks in one of their shops. In 1979, the fire station was built.
The Emergency Medical Services side started in 1988. It is said that the first ambulance was a green station wagon with a gurney in the back.

In July 1994, Elfrida Fire District obtained our first female fire chief, Amy Warn. Chief Warn served as a working chief up until March 2005. Chief Warn held an EMT certification as well.