Cochise County’s Reliable Local Fire Department

Fighting Flames and Saving Lives Since 1977


Interested in becoming an EMT?

Elfrida Fire has funding available

Requirements for funding are

  • Must live within the 8 - minute response time to the station

Come apply at the Elfrida Fire Department and obtain more information about this opportunity!

Cochise County’s Reliable Local Fire Department

Fighting Flames and Saving Lives Since 1977

Fire and Rescue Services at Their Finest

We know that your loved ones mean the world to you. This is why at Elfrida Fire District in Elfrida, Arizona, we always give our all to prioritize both your and your family’s safety. We do this by providing every household in the neighborhood with the best and most immediate response during fire and medical emergencies.

Our Mission

The Elfrida Fire District is an emergency service and community-oriented organization dedicated to protecting the lives and properties of our county’s residents and visitors through emergency medical services, fire suppression, fire prevention, and public safety education.

Trust in Our Experienced Team

We take pride and honor in serving our community. This is why our skilled firefighters and medical dispatchers do their jobs with utmost professionalism and compassion. With proper and extensive fire rescue training, we are always ready to help in times of urgent need. We also maintain friendly and sincere relationships with the people in our district so that we can better recognize their needs.

Read more information on what we do and how we started:

Ensuring Public Safety From End to End

Protection from danger starts with ourselves. This is why we always strive to educate our locals on what to do before or after a fire starts. For serious incidents like burning establishments or wildfires, we rapidly send fire trucks and ambulances to the affected locations.

In Case of Emergency